One Act of Kindness

It is interesting to see how one act of kindness can change path for the whole family. This family is looking for brighter side of life. I joined Engineering in 2007 by paying tuition fee from savings by my father. Rs 20000 as fees was a big amount for us. I had a bigger dreams. I wanted to get a computer to learn as i was in computer science branch. Yet, I could not afford it then. 2008 turned out to be worst year for me personally. 08-08-2008 never turned out be magic number for my family. My father expired in the month of August,2008. Well i was looking at non completion of engineering and to support family some how. I had applied for Vidya Poshak through a referral and got the scholarship amount from which I could pay part of my fees. Rest i got some more scholarships from religious communities and other individual help.

Vidyaposhak provided facilities like Books came to my rescue. I could read , read and read most of the time. End of the semester we used to give back the books. Interesting thing was to write letter to donors which instilled in us to responsibility we carry towards society as a whole. Vidyaposhak had become like a family to me. Librarian used on check on our performances each semester and used to motivate us throughout. We could connect vidyaposhak’s social network and ask questions.

With such vision to educate people like me , VP is reaching new heights and I can confidently say “Financial crisis will never be a barrier for completion of education ”

I would like to thank and invite you to be part of some thing amazing which is changing lives of people through education in India.

Vidyaposhak is a NGO based out of Dharwad, Karnataka. Please leave comment if you wish to be part of this revolution either by becoming a Donor or Volunteer.

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Thank You, Vidya Poshak !!!!…

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