Gossips!! A great way to learn from others

If you are in a position where you are feeling I gossip too much and talk non sense all the time well a research says that you are well ahead of others in some field or have great knowledge. Isn’t it ?  This gossip always helps us to learn from others and provide a  great insight towards our well being. Recently I had met a person who was sharing his opinion about what connecting with people means to us .He ended up saying we need to build that social bondage which can happen only when we talk.

Well lets bring together the advantages of Gossiping.

1) . Gossips are not restricted to any age group: It always attracts people to talk on some thing , making sure we also know some thing as well as breaking the ice among people.

2) . Gossiping Helps You Change: If you keep hearing non-constructive  stuff about you (all the time), which helps you to re-examine your attitude because in every gossip, there is lot of truth. Most people have mended their ways because they were not getting positive feedback from gossiping neighbours, club members, co-workers etc . That’s cool right !!!

3).  Helps You Relieve Stress: Having a  gossip with a friend can actually help you unwind because believe it or not, talking behind other people’s backs can be quite enjoyable.

They are awesome isn’t it ?  On the other hand, we have lot of  cons.

1 ) . Wasting time if the topic has nothing to do with you .

2).  Unhealthy  rumours always propagate faster than the domain names in the internet !!! .

So think twice before you  gossip.

Share your gossip experiences in comment section.

Note :

A study published online recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that the way people gossiped in four experimental settings led to constructive outcomes. Researchers from UC Berkeley used the term “prosocial” gossip to describe people warning about deceitful behaviour observed in others. It’s different from the type of rumor mongering we do when we talk about the bad behaviour of celebrities, although let’s not count that out as a good time.