Grauduation and Life

There is a saying , “If you would create something,you must be something”. I remember meeting up with all my friends at College Graduation day. Steve jobs in one of the graduation speeches said ” Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish”. He always said keep looking and don’t settle down.We never know when we find the most exciting things in our lives and put our whole heart and energy into it. And some day we could achieve the great success we deserve.

While the award ceremony was going on I found many people happy because they had a great job in their hand and life is just passing by. There were other people just showing their little smile and being little wise. There were other people who were there physically, not with all the heart because they neither had job nor willing to get one. Being one among them was a great rejoice. I met them with all my heart and wished every one a great success. I could learn at least one thing from each person. Every one gave me a signal ” Life is going on man!! “. Wondering where I would land up with all the unimaginable obstacles curling me up , I had this weird feelings inside me that made me cry within.

On the journey way back we were discussing what can be done in near future to make ourselves capable of being recognized in the society and finding that great excitement in our life. I always wanted to be great speaker and good member of the family by helping in terms of finance , emotional support and all other things that every person thinks of. I along with my friends came up with lot of ideas on what can be done. At that time I felt, if there is a situation that is constantly challenging dreams , Ambitiousness and Patience Then, Here I am to face it literally hard.For me graduation was a new start . That gave me motivation to move ahead , leave all the things from the past and start a fresh. A Great Feeling !!!!!!!!

On Looking back , I feel the same today. Fresh ideas, fresh goals and memorable achievements. ” If you can dream it , You can do it”. Lets start doing some thing that has real value. Meet one person daily and make his day memorable one. Lets work on a cause that benefits many people in the society.With the tools and technology available to us today, we can achieve any thing literally. For example, we could create an app for making cancer patients knowledgeable about the disease.

One thing that you can take back from this small article is “There are always opportunities in our life where we can make difference. But its all about our perspective towards the opportunity”.

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