“I am Busy” Syndrome

You feel like you don’t have time for yourself.Your calendar shows a list of meetings to attend.Your girl friend/Boy friend tells you “Your life is crazy!!!”. These are the few symptoms of “I am Busy” Syndrome. Are you the one ?

Lately, whenever i talk to people at various places one thing that pops up is busy lifestyle. Some people think being busy is the definition of success in life and career.Although this might be helping them move up the ladder, but with constant overwork and overwhelmed has negative impacts. Being busy implies stress.Our body has a limit on how much it can take stress. After hours stress gets converted to Panic.

Below are the few gifts that we get from stress

Health problems that can be caused by stress:
-Anxiety disorder
-Autoimmune disease flare-ups
-Heart disease
-Increased cancer risk
-Irritable bowel syndrome
-Memory loss
-Panic disorder
-Sleep disorders
-Weight gain

I have some tips on how to manage everyday life.

1. Prioritize

Start Prioritizing work as it helps to finish up the tasks which you can handle faster.

2. Think about long term benefits

Stress will have lot of problems in coming years. Its said to be a “Silent Killer”. Whats the point in earning and not being healthy?Start thinking “How can i finish the task which will have less impact on long term health issues”. It can be as simple as installing Eye Pro software to keep your eyes wet.

3. Get enough sleep

It is believed that when we sleep less than 6 hours a day, we slow down our brain. We lose a sense of sparkle in thinking creatively. In studies, fully rested people show lots of activity in that part of the brain, while the sleep-deprived show little to no activity. And when our brains get slow on the draw, we get less efficient at work.

4. Exercise

Exercising is  a great stress reliever.It can be as simple as walking for half an hour daily.


I hope above tips will help improve your BUSY lifestyle. Comments on  how are you handling stress ?